My story bears many faces…..
Joy and sorrow;
Love and hatred;
Comedy and tragedy.

I’m a true dream girl. But, like all women, I live in the real world.
I love I am loved; I hate, I am hated.
And like the actions of every man, I faced THE CONSEQUENCES.

My tears were true as they flowed. My laughter was heard; my love was shared and my hate was felt, my life seen in your world.

My story is fiction but the stage is real.

The Consequences by AdrianPastol Nnochiri is an inspiring work of fiction telling the story of love, romance, sex betrayal, heartbreak and abortion.
The experiences of a young girl in a Nigerian university, the path of carelessness and it's destination.

The book has nine chapters with four educative extracts, its a great read for youths and adults alike and has the power to change the readers' perspectives on selected issues.

Get the book online now... or email info@adrianpastol.com to place an order for either soft/cover copies.

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