YEAR: 2106/DAY: 320


"Confidence comes not from always being right but from not being afraid to be wrong."
                                                                                    ~Peter T. Mcintyre.

Again this captures the effects of fear, the danger of not being willing to try. Thomas Edison, one of the world's greatest inventor when attempting to invent the light bulb failed 10,000 times. Yes 10,000; when asked about it he said he had found 10,000 ways the process won't work, today we all use the light bulb.

The fear of being wrong often times stop us from attaining our heights. Imagine President Buhari was afraid to contest again simply because he had failed the last two times, or that president elect Donald Trump was afraid to contest against Hilary Clinton because she was more experienced, favored and loved.

We develop our self-confidence not from always being right but when we disregard the fear of being wrong, when we come to terms with the fact that failing is nothing but a learning process. Then, we will not be afraid to try again for from our failed ventures we would have found how not to do it.

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