YEAR 2016/ DAY 328

"It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop."                                                                               ~Confucius.

This holds one of the strongest motivation I can give  you, especially as the year quickly draw to a close. a lot of us will be taking accounts at this period beating their-selves up that they did not make much progress. NEWS FLASH- YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

I have given myself some real knockout punches, none as hard as those life gave me but I am still standing. The hits you got may have probably been harder than mine but did you take note of the fact that- YOU ARE STILL STANDING. 

You see the important thing is to keep moving, against all odds never give up. there is still a lot you can achieve in the 38 days left for the year, and a lot more in the coming year. So take a deep breath, re-assess your goal and take another step forward; but NEVER STOP MOVING.

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