There are millions of unemployed youths in Nigeria, and another set of millions that are under employed. So, when you get a job with a reasonable pay my brother na Godwin.

It’s a miracle in this country. Only very few ones are the lucky ones the reason why testimonies of how people get job in the church becomes a very rear occurrence.
I knew a guy that got a job. He started misbehaving immediately he resumed. At the peak of his misbehaviour he was found with the key of the vault in the bursary department of his company. He was sacked immediately despite the fact he was well connected to the boss of the company. Some months later I saw him in another town, he was looking like a mad man. The worst of being unemployed is to be employed and lose that job.

Another was a guy that went for his IT in a bank and later he was retained. He started leaving lager than what he was earning. This led him to be involved in a bank fraud which later led to his sack. Right now he is regretting his actions.
So, when you get a job, consider the following and other things as you proceed in the course of your carrier.

1. Don’t forget your God

It’s amazing how we become less religious after getting a job. Before some people got this job, they were always in church, working in his vine yard. Some turned mosque into their house. Let them get the job, you will hardly find them in church on Sundays let alone week days or vigil or Jumat service. It’s said, something that is good needs prayer, the same way our expectations. Don’t forget your God, first thing most.

2. Be grateful always

When you have this mind of gratitude in your heart about what God has done for you as per giving you a job, you are on your way to getting better things. Your gratitude is not only to God but to men that facilitate the job in one way or the other. Your parents, siblings etc. some people will always complain, comparing themselves with friends or relatives working in a better place or earning a better salary. This may not help your situation in anyway. Always thank God.

3. Know your company

Familiarize yourself with the condition of service of your new company. Master the organogram and the channel of communications. Ignorance it’s not an excuse. Know the company; know something about your boss, about other co-workers. Don’t be too big or afraid to ask questions. Master your work schedule.

4. Give your best always

Be punctual, dress smartly and neatly, be polite and honest, be dedicated and give total loyalty to your boss. Leave pride out of your life. Work on your weak points. One thing we fail to know is that, people are actually watching us and the fact is, they know what we are doing. What happens in most cases is this, when decisions are being taken on our job by the management either positive or negative we are not always present. What will speak for us it’s the record of our past work. In my place of work, I use my personal resources sometimes to get result on a particular task . My boss knows me, I never complain. What they always see is result, and this has helped me a lot.

5. Think of others

When I got my job, each time I always remember my friends and family members that we were in the struggle before. I always imagine what they might be passing through. It actually helped me to secure jobs for two of my friends. When I got my job, I discovered there was a challenge in that environment. Immediately I called a friend that I knew could fit in, he looked for money and started his business in the premises after I helped with the process of starting a business. He started this business the same month I got there. The fact is this; there is nothing I have acquired so far that he has not gotten. In fact, sometimes he helped me out with cash when salary is delayed. Some months later, I thought of another business, I called another family friend which his family members will not stop thanking me up till now. Right now I am thinking of how to still help somebody. These are my greatest joy in my place of work.

6. Be kind –

Similar to the above is, be kind to people at your work place, at home everywhere. If you are dealing with the public try as much as possible to be kind in a legal way. It will go a long way in giving you joy on daily bases and you earn respect from everybody. Some people are kind to people because of what they are expecting from them at the end of the day. The fact is, people are naturally ungrateful, if they get what they want from you, you don’t see them again until they are in need of another help. So, when helping people out don’t expect anything from them. Most times, some give you something as bait. Be careful.

7. Think of saving

Don’t eat with your two hands. Save and spend the rest. If you take your full salary home every month and spend it, it won’t be enough. If you divide it into half and you manage it, you will still achieve alot with it. I joined cooperative society the very month I got my job. Latter when I discovered I was doing a lot of father xmas, I increased my savings. When I discovered I was even misbehaving in with spendings I opened a savings account with a bank that I know is very far from my environment. I made sure I didn’t subscribe to ATM to avoid temptations so, immediately I received alert of my salary, I transfer first to that account before doing justice to the rest. You won’t imagine the project I did with that money after two years. Be financially discipline.

8. Think of marriage –

When you are young and handsome, even if you are ugly, in as much ladies are aware that you get regular source of money girls will follow you like bees. There is always this big temptation to start flocking around girls or vis a vis . If care is not taking, you may be spending your monthly salary on different girls. It won’t be long you are finish. Not only that, guys will always expect you to go clubbing every weekend. Thinking and working towards marriage will help you a lot. It will make you think like a responsible man.

There is need to add this, if you are not careful enough and you get trapped and marry a lady that love you because of your money, you are seriously finished. if also, you marry a lady that doesn’t share in your dream, plans and doesn’t know how to manage with you,I am sorry.

9. Enjoy yourself

Take time out, enjoy yourself. Go spend weekends with friends and relatives at least ones in a while. Go swimming, visit amusement park with your loved ones. You need it seriously. Some people will work and even dash their company their annual leave. If you die today, your colleagues at work will fight for your post. So, take time out and enjoy yourself when you can.

10. Plan to get a life

Plan on how to get a life outside your job. Think of an investment, get a car, and house etc . How to start your own business inclusive. How to acquire more certificate and training. Think big. Let your present place of work be a stepping stone. Let it be the spring board to your greatness and personal development.

11. Think of retirement

Think of retirement right from the very first day. A day spent at work is minus the total number of days in service. Think of life after retirement. Don’t think of depending on your children after retirement.
  Written by: Ademega

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