1. BY PROSTAGLANDIN - drug-induced-premature labor expels unborn child. Also done by salt-poisonin.
2. BY HYSTEROTOMY - Mini caesarian section operation removes unborn child.
3. BY DILATATION and CURETTAGE - Surgical instrument introduce d into womb dismembers unborn child.
4. BY SUCTION - Powerful vacuum pressure sucking unborn baby and placenta from womb.
Human life begins when the chromosomes of the father and mother unite; they form an absolutely unique, never-to-be-duplicated human person. At that moment, life begins. From that moment on, any further formation of the person is purely a matter of development, growth and maturation. From the moment of conception, the child grows. Moreover, keeps growing until life ends.

At three weeks:-!  The tiny human being, only one - tenth of an inch long, already has the beginnings of eyes, spinal cord, nervous system , lungs , stomach, intestines. The primitive heart, which began beating at about 18 days, now pumps more confidently. All this before the mother may even be aware of this within her.
By six and one-half weeks, the child is making body movements, a full 12 weeks before the mother may notice such stirrings. 
At eight weeks, the developing child can make a tiny fist, get hiccups, suck a thumb, wake and sleep. All bodily systems are working.
At eleven weeks, while the placenta continues to supply food and oxygen, the child can complex fiscal expressions and even smile. All bodily systems are becoming more efficient.
At sixteen weeks, only 5half inches long, the child can use hands to grasp can swim and turn somersaults.
Eighteen weeks-old child  is active and energetic, fleeces muscles, punches and kicks. Now the mother feels the child's movements. Before modern science, some  said that at this time the time of quickening life beings. But the child's development actually began at conception, 18 weeks earlier.

While growing within the mother,the child develops separately from her, with a separate, individual blood supply. The child's life is not the mother's life, but a separate individual life.

In addition, the child has as much right to this life as the mother has too. Alternatively, as other human beings of any age have to theirs.
This right to life is the most fundamental right of every human person. To violate this, to destroy a life, to kill a human being at any age or stage of development whether in the womb or out of the womb is a crime against God and humanity.
Abortion is dangerous: besides killing the child, abortion can endanger the mother's health or life. Society suffers when some people can kill others for convenience. And widespread abortion hastens the day when there will be too few workers to support the elderly straining social services and increasing pressure for euthanasia.
Stop abortion today!
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