QUOTE OF THE DAY: 8th of Jan; 2016

"Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve."
~Napoleon Hill

Each time I come across this quote the first thing pops into my head is: "not in Nigeria." (Laughs...) I am sure my Nigerian readers would understand.

But then again, lets really consider it carefully. is it the environment that makes the people, or the people that makes the environment what it is?

I fully agree with Napoleon Hill, if we can think it and believe it, then we surely can achieve it. It might not be easy though, and often times the difficulty lead us to quit but if only we can but take ONE MORE STEP...

Many Nigerians and Africans who were bold enough to keep taking ONE MORE STEP have made history even from more difficult situations and I must mention, in this same environment. You can visit the I DARE 2 BE session of my site to see but a few.

If you think you can achieve greatness and you believe your thoughts, YOU CAN. Just keep taking ONE MORE STEP till you get there.

I am taking mine because I am sure I will get there.
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