QUOTE OF THE DAY: 6th Jan. 2016

There is only one person in the world that can defeat you, and that is yourself.

A few weeks back I saw a 2015 movie titled 'The Martian' written by Ridley Scott.

Its a story about an astronaut who thought for dead was left by his team on planet Mars during a terrible space storm. Now alone on an entire planet with no oxygen, no water, no means of communication and with only 31days of food supply; when the next routine visit to Mars is scheduled not until the next 4year said to himself I WILL NOT DIE HERE.

At some point in life or during a project, everything often times eventually goes completely wrong and the only thing that will make sense is to give up. But when this happens we are left with two choices, accept defeat or not.

I strongly encourage you to 'not'. Rather get to work, examine the challenges and solve them one problem after another; and when you have solved enough problems success follows.

Until you accept defeat, you really have not been defeated yet and only you can decide when that happens. No matter what your challenges are in life, KEEP MOVING, overcoming one challenge at a time.

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