QUOTE OF THE DAY: 20th of Jan. 2016

"The out come of our future depends largely on the positive or negative pattern of our vision, and our attitude towards it."

A few nights back, I heard the story of a Nigerian man who was trying to buy petrol at the fuel station during a time when there was scarcity, he had been in line for 3 days and when it got to his turn, just as they were about to sell to him, the workers announced that they have ran out. The first thing he screamed was: "I KNEW IT, I KNOW ONCE IT GETS TO MY TURN I WON'T GET FUEL." (Laughs...)
The question I asked myself after I heard this story was- If he already knew that he would not succeed, then why did he still stay in-line for 3 days. (Laughs...)
Often times in life we tend to predict our own future negatively even while making efforts, and unless you have understood the power of positive thinking, you may not know how much harm this can cause. I recommend you read the book "Power of Positive Thinking" by Normal Vincent Pearle.
Now the main question today is: How do you visualize your future?
Do you say to yourself at the start of a project, "This can't work" or "I have to make this work"
Our positive attitude towards our goals is a factor in our success story. Developing a positive attitude is a key factor to our future success, you can even start now with the simply things in life; say to yourself out loud: TODAY, I WILL HAVE A GREAT AND PRODUCTIVE DAY. and see what happens.


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