QUOTE OF THE DAY: 15th of Jan. 2016

"If you are living up to your ideals, then they are not high enough."


The above quote may sound funny but its so true, our zeal to achieve is the biggest motivation a man can have. Our ability to think and desire for more is one of God's greatness gifts to mankind, and where properly managed can take us to great heights. Think above it, its the men that set great heights that built the new world in which we live today.

-The Wright brothers: Aero-plane
-Dr. Ben Carsons: Neurosurgeon
-Albert Einsteins: Great mind
-Micheal Jackson: King of Pop
-Graham Bell: Telephone
-Thomas Edison: Electric Bulb

These are people the world cannot forget, because they dared to dream bigger than normal.

For instance, if your dream is to become a Medical Doctor, then you are not dreaming high enough; almost anyone can be a Medical Doctor. why not try dreaming of becoming the greatest Medical Doctor from your country. Now that's a dream worth having!

In essence, I am simply trying to tell you to DREAM BIG and try to be the best at your goal; be a force to be reckoned with. You can become a name and a brand that speaks of greatness, and the best part is that: WE ARE NEVER TOO OLD TO DREAM.


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