QUOTE OF THE DAY: 11th of Jan. 2016

It would be easier to get little things done if I weren't so busy dreaming about big things.

DREAMS: This is one of the many topics I can really relate to and I want to believe you can too.

All great men had and have dreams and aspirations, infact if you don't have a dream (A BIG PICTURE) then you may be one of those simply floating in life and moving where ever the tides takes them, that should change. Many great men who dreamt, really dreamt big. Its like the bigger your dreams the better your chances at life. Well, that is a chat for another day.

Since we will be talking about how to fight for our dreams this week I thought it wise to start with a caution, Thus the quote above. the value of doing little things in other to achieve bigger things (the big picture) cannot be over-emphasized.

Before You learnt to spell and write, you first learnt the simple alphabets ABC; before a Doctor can carry out a surgery, I am pretty sure he would have first learnt to apply simple first aid.

The lesson here is simple: Don't get stuck on the big dreams you have in life and forget to do the little things that also matter.

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