Diseases of attitude by Jim Rohn:

1. Indifference:
Lesson: learn to put in your best in everything you do.
2. Indecision:
Lesson: don't see how many decisions you can get out of but see how many you can get into.
3. Doubt: doubt is like a plague but the worst is self-doubt.
4: Worry: worry is a devastating disease.
5: Over-caution: some people don't have much because they are too cautious.
Lesson: if you think trying is risky, wait until they hand you the bill for not trying.
6. Pessimism: pessimism is a deadly disease always looking at the bad side, the difficult side; finding all the reasons why it cannot be done.
To the pessimist the glass is always half empty. To the optimist the glass is always half full.
Lesson: our life is mostly affected by the way we think things are.
7. Complaining: This is the most deadly disease. If you indulge in this one you better forget the future because the future gonna forget you.
Advice: let's try as much as we can to avoid these diseases and our lives would take the happy directions we desire.
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