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Facial expression: is the main action for sending body message:- happiness, fear, sadness, anger, surprise and interest. Some of these facial expression, is carried through the mouth and eye brow I.e "down in the mouth and raised of the eyebrow"

Eye contact: looking at him or her in the area of his or her face I.e straight into his or her eyes, it is a way of showing interest and a way of giving or collecting information. Eye contact is a more
direct way of sending messages, be of interest, anger or sexual attraction. Eye to eye contact is better than "shifty eyes" women are more visually attentive than men in all measure of gazing.

Gesture: it takes the place of words: for example, nodding your head either up and down or side ways are substitutes for saying "yes or no". Smiling, which means " yes" I.e you are interested or enjoying the fun. Gesture can also frame or illustrate words. They may be physical acts that helps explains what is been said but have no meaning on their own. A lot of messages maybe conveyed by your body posture. Some people are confident and assertive "walk talk and fluent in whatever they have or do while less confident people may not stand so erect. Turning your body towards your husband is more encouraging than turning away. Your body posture may also communicate how anxious you are: for instance, uncrossed and open legs maybe perceived as a sign of sexual availability, whether you are wearing a skirt, gown or jeans. But sitting with your arms and legs tightly crossed suggests that you are emotionally as well as literally upright I.e " no show"

Clothing: clothes do send messages as well and it also determine what you want or asking for.

Dress code include: social and occupational standing, sex role identity, ethnicity, conformity to peer group norms, rebelliousness, how out going you are and your sexuality. People dress for effect. Additionally, you have to be clean, tidy, and fresh. Wear something attractive, a day make over while  you are waiting for your hubby. The lenght, styling and care for your hair send messages about the plan!

Question one:
I'm a single guy (age 24) and madly in love with a recently married woman. She and her husband attend the same church as I. We're in the same choir.

Many times I've tried to wipe her out of my mind but I cannot, she enjoys singing with me, and I know deep in her heart she feels love for me. Whenever I see her, I die with love. I decided it would be better to tell her how I feel. On the day I told her of my love, something happened that was not my plannnnnnnnnnnnn.....................

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Written by:
Remi Badmus (MRS.) 
GIT9ja Relationship Expert/Counsel
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