QUOTE OF THE DAY: 4th November, 2015

"Weak Men wait for opportunities, but strong men make them."

~ Anderson M. Baten

Opportunity they say, comes but once in a life time: Fortunately I am one of the those who don't believe this and like Anderson I believe rather that opportunities come as many times as you can create them but most times we simply let something small cloud our judgement and we fail to see it as such.

Its like the story of the
"Elephant Rope" (Click to read)

Like the Elephant in the story, many of us fail to see our strength and abilities to do great things probably because we had failed when we earlier tried them, we allow ourselves get tied down by a small rope that we can very easily break free from; telling ourselves constantly that we have lost our opportunity in life. (You need to kill this thought)

Learn to imagine opportunities everywhere, look for ideas and trends that match your interests/skill set and twist those ideas to make them uniquely yours. Where others find no opportunity, where you may not even see one at first, create it. You just need to believe you can.

Remember yesterday's Quote and decide, are you a weak man or a strong one?

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