A simple tolerance of the other's beliefs or conceptions is not enough to establish a life-long partnership.
Courtship requires time and reflection of one's life partner. It will be a great mistake to choose a partner and celebrate the wedding in a few days. 

There are different stages in courtship,
so, two love birds are to be strengthen in their decision and lay the foundation of their future family life.
Courtship refer to the attitude of two love birds who begins to take special interest in each other and try to attract each other's attention.

They start meeting alone, to exchange views little signs of affection and tenderness. They listens to each others feelings such as physical sensation, emotion and awareness.
The need for a convenient period of courtship should not be undervalued for a successful marriage. Each other's feelings, idea past and orientations of life must be tested so that, they may decide whether a life together will be possible and fruitful. Most especially when the partner is chosen by the parents or someone else. A period of courtship is necessary in order to make sure that he or she is the suitable person with whom one will enter into life long companionship.

Lets get it clear that the first experience in courtship need not necessarily end in marriage. There maybe other encounters before right person is selected. Courtship should not be considered as a binding commitment, but as a starting relationship which can be broken off at another moment.

Partners are to accept the fact to watch carefully its developments and to be ready to talk freely about what is positive or negative in it. Instead of opposing it, they must be able to play also on this occasion their role of educators by advising and guiding them.

Lovebirds on their parts should know that courtship is a serious thing. One must not indulge in it just for the fun of it, or when one is not yet ready for marriage because of age, studies or other reasons. One should be able give up courting a person when one decides not to marry her. Sincerity and honesty demand that one expresses one's decision and leaves the other free to make another choice. It is also advisable to avoid too long a courtship, which easily results in waste of time or in two people getting married only because they have spent so much together.

Two love birds are to isolate themselves and spend enough time together. But not advisable that they give up completely their participation in a larger group.
It would also provide them occasions to reveal to each other different sides of their temperament which do not come out when they are alone.

Engagement is the term that indicates the formal commitment which the two love birds make to marry each other. This commitment always come in or marked in the public function, even a religious ceremony publicly known and accepted.

The importance of an engagement is to avoid gossip, double dating, blasphemy, unseriousness of partners and so on. It also give the top lovebirds rise to allow them spend more time together and enable them plan their future life together. It will be wrong and unwise for parents to prevent the young couple from seeing and spending more time together. By so doing they would cause the engagement to miss its very aim. Although the engagement is already a binding act, not yet the marriage itself. Therefore it is still possible to break it. The chance of an engagement breaking is higher when it has not been proceed in a convenient time of courtship.
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Written by
Remi Badmus
Relationship Expert/Counsel.
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