This is a condition whereby an adult is unable o hold up urine conveniently due to situations that affects the bladder directly or the pelvic floor muscles which normally support the pelvic organs and hold them in position. The result is that there is always a sudden urge to urinate and the urine starts leaking out without control. 

This is worst when there is exertions like coughing, sneezing, laughing,
lifting and other forms of exercises. Extreme cases may result in bed-wetting. This condition which is also known as stress incontinence is more common in women whose pelvic floor muscles get stretched and weakened from childbearing processes. Other related factors include-bladder infections and other urinary tract infection, hormonal changes, premenstrual tension, menopausal changes, severe constipation and pressure from tumors or growth within the pelvic region, effect of certain drugs that increase urination, and other conditions that may interfere with the nerve supply to the bladder. 

Management of the condition starts with proper investigations to determine the cause and factors related to it, which should be treated accordingly, meanwhile certain measures should be adopted to help improve the situation.

For example:
  • If urinary infection is present, drink plenty of fluid to flush out the bladder while taking necessary treatment.
  • Cut down on stimulating drinks like coffee, strong tea, alcohol, carbonated drinks as well as spicy foods, certain citrus fruits and smoking which easily irritate the bladder.
  • Avoid constipation by taking good high-fiber diet
  • Treat existing cough and avoid unnecessary lifting and other situations that can add strain to the pelvic muscles.
Always report back to the medical practitioner if urine leakage is not improving and there are other additional complications. Maintain good personal hygiene while the condition lasts. It is possible to achieve good success and healing by means of a well planned and executed bladder control program – so don’t give up!

C.E. Akwudike (Mrs)

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