Stella Damasus

Stella Damasus is no doubt a favorite to millions of Africans, born at Asaba, Delta State on the 24th of April, 1978 to a family of six (five girls and a boy) but she later lost her only brother to asthma in 1991. She grew up in Benin city, her family name was changed from Ojukwu to Damasus during the Nigeria/Biafra civil war because they were being mistaken to be related to the late Biafran warlord,Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, thus jeopardizing their existence. They were burning a lot of houses in her village so her father and uncle decided to adopt her grandfather’s first name, Damasus. So she was born into Damasus and not Ojukwu. I am not going to visit the topic of her marriages to her 1st husband, (The late Jaiye Aboderin, founder of Punch newspaper who she was wedded to until his sudden death), 2nd husband as reported, (Emeka Nzeribe the relationship lasted for barely a year.) and in the earlier part of 2010, Stella was reported to have dated and again gotten married to another top socialite- Mofe Duncan (third husband) but in 2011, Stella Damasus’ divorce with her newly found lover was reported.
In the midst of all these struggles, Stella has continue to build her personality and brand as one to be adorned, winning several awards both here at home beyond. She has notable foundations and projects to her name, she remains bold, courageous and a fine proud woman. 
She told of the teaching quoted below, given her by her mum on which she has built her life
“My mother called me and said ‘there are three types of people in this world
A: those who were born to be talked about because of who they are
B: those who were born to talk about others because that is all they are
C: those who were born to observe because they don’t know who they are
…Which one would you rather be my dear?’
“I smiled because I knew that I was a TYPE A. This is how I see it:

Her story teaches us to define ourselves and stay strong to it, I DARE YOU 2 BE and you might want to ask yourself, WHAT TYPE ARE YOU?

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