Unemployment is continually on the raise in country across the world, and here in Nigeria people see no hopes of the conditions changing for the better, rather it is believed to only get worst. The reasons and causes of unemployment is a topic for another day as I am sure we are all more concerned with how we can save ourselves from the frustrating situations rather than  the causes which are to a large extend obvious. (am sure you can think of 3 reasons already)

So how can we save ourselves from this epidemics and make sure our children don't fall victims?

I have arrange a five steps process that if followed while bringing up your child can guarantee his success in life, weather the economy and job creation improves or not.

STEP 1: Instill the proper morals in your child
Studies have shown that children accept with deep attachments and sentiments the things he/she learns between the ages of 1-12years. They hold strongly to the words and actions of their parents/guardians, it is at this stage that you sow the seeds that will grow. Make sure you give the best you can in morals to your child at this stage.

STEP 2: Train your child to be focus, decisive and independent
Those 3 factors builds a responsible successful individual. Helping them to be focus means little or no abandoned projects and goals, they become go-getters and achievers but be very careful with limits, a child has to also learn to know when to stop; your job as a parent is to guide and support.

STEP 3: Give your child the freedom to choose
This is so so so important for not just success, but happiness. Unfortunately, it is also a major cause of the unemployment problem and a popular routine for parent. A man with 3 kids already has their future vocation spelled out for them, one doctor, one lawyer and one engineer. Wake up sir, that is your dream but may not necessarily be the dream of the child. A child with love to be an artist but forced to be a doctor may not go far in the career even if he succeeds, he/she will definitely not be contempt or happy, and you may have deprived the world of its greatest artist. Allow the child limited freedom of choice and trust in the morals you have taught him to make the right decisions.

STEP 4: Make sure your child acquires a skill 
After secondary (High) school, one of the best gifts you can give you child is a skill. enroll him/her to learn a skill of both your choosing (study him/her and find things he may good at and love, offer him some options but its important you let the child decide on one). Now am not talking about basic computer knowledge, that is a basic in our today's world, am talking of handy skill like tailoring, catering, hairdressing, graphics etc. even a business school education is not a bad choice. This skill can be vital fall-back if after schooling, there are no available jobs. At least the child will not be entire jobless and dependent. The same skill can even prove useful during school, but you must make the learning process be about knowledge and not money.

STEP 5: Explore the idea of a family venture 
Nothing beats owing your own business, no matter the size and your child can actually have something to fall to when unemployed. when on holidays encourage them to help, this builds their knowledge and interest in the business.

That is, and I do hope it is helpful. If you have other suggestions, questions or comment please feel free to comment below. BEST OF LUCK.
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