Nnamdi Ezeigbo (CEO of Slots Systems Ltd)

Nnamdi Ezeigbo. 

Nnamdi Ezeigbo is the founder and CEO Slots Nigerian Ltd. One of Nigeria's biggest phones and gadget out-lets. 

The young giant from Abia state graduated from the university with a degree in computer science but roamed the streets for over two years searching for a job. Finding none, he attached himself with a senior friend who was in the business of repairs but after a few months the two parted. Nnamdi then acquired a small space of his own at Lagos-Ikeja computer village, and this was his real beginning. He built a reputation with his quick delivery and efficient service, using his education he started approaching big organisations with the offer to manage the supply and maintenance of their computer systems. It took a while but he finally got the deals.

The phone company was later established in 1998 as an ICT company selling Computers, maintenance, Accessories and other electronic gadgets. They were among the pioneers of the GSM phones. Today with a head office in Lagos, he has over 20 branches nation-wide with hundred of staffs working for him. Nnamdi's story teaches us to never give up, to be bold and create our own destiny. 

If Nnamdi Ezeigbo can make it, why can't you. I DARE YOU TO BE. 

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