A Woman’s Needs from Her Man

It is the month of love and lovers everywhere are already getting the feelings. At a time when relationships is the paramount discussion there is no better time to examine the one million dollar question, what does a woman really need? 
The woman may be a very complicated specie but the news is that their needs (not wants) can be identified. After reading this, if you apply the thoughts I believe you will a long happy fruitful life.
Every woman's five needs can be identified as: 

Affection:           Every woman desires a man that doesn’t just say I love you, but shows it. Words are important, but action they say speaks louder than words. First, a wife needs to be told sweet comforting things by her husband; things that gives her pride and a sense of security/belonging. Words like I will always take care of you, I love you, you are beautiful, you did good, your food was delicious etc. going on to show the emotions by even the smallest of things like sharing a hug, and I mean a good deep hug, kissing her often and long, showing love in public, giving her cards, flowers and gifts, calling her from the office just to check on her, helping her on domestics, holding her hands in public, opening the car/room door for her etc. these things deepens a  woman’s trust, confident and love for their husband.


Conversation:   This is like the past, present and future of any relationship, men must be able to communicate with their wives. As the marriage grows old, a lot of things may get tiresome and old but good communication has a way of keeping the spark alive. If you don’t have thus, try hard to build it.

Honesty & Openness:   Nothing kills a relationship faster than dishonesty, it kills the faith and believes the woman has for her husband and makes her feel that all the man has ever told her are lies. In other to keep her sense of security, a wife needs to trust her husband completely. Contrary to what a lot of people believe, trust not love is the solid foundation on which a wife builds a secured relationship, and when this is lacking instead of growing towards him, she grow away from him. Little things like giving her the password for his personal computer and phones, allowing her pick your calls and check on you freely helps show his honesty and openness.

Financial Commitment:    Money isn’t always everything, but it is a long way ahead of whatever follows it. A woman feels the natural need to be supported and cared for by her man, even if she earns well. She needs enough money to live comfortably, now am not necessarily talking about millions, but provisions.


Family commitment:    This is quite simple and direct. A wife needs her husband to be the man. A good husband and a responsible father, she expects him to live up to the moral standards of the head of her home.
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