A Man’s Need from His Woman

Hello.... OK, so its only fair having posted about the needs of a woman to reciprocate the same to the man. And yes, they also have needs that is not just about sex. *Smiles..... most women believe that all they have to do is feed the man's stomach and bed then that is it. NEWSFLASH!!! A man's needs goes beyond that. I have been able to also outline the five majors, so lets take a look: 

Sexual Satisfaction:   Most women never understands a man’s deep need for sex, the same way most men do not see the need for showing affections; these are natural phenomena’s. It is also worthy to note that one encourages the other, when affections are given, sexual fulfillment follows easily. Couples must not feel shy to talk about their sex life and sexual desires as it helps to create the adventure with-in the marriage.

Recreational Companionship:   A man naturally needs his wife to be his friend and playmate, it helps when a wife is interested in the same things as her husband so they can enjoy recreational activities together. If the man likes clubbing, dancing, football, movies, mild drinking etc it may be nice to accompany him to such places on occasions, try not to abandon him to his own world alone. Always try to keep the relationship young. 

Domestic Support:   men need peace and quiet, they want to come back to a happy and relaxing home, a man’s worst nightmare is a nagging wife. Men dream of living their marriage like a movie, a sexy wife welcomes them home with hugs and kisses, taking their jacket, helping them with their shoes, a warm dinner waiting, loving kids to say goodnight to and you just think it. Nothing gives a man more pride other than when their friend their wife and home.

Attractive Spouse:   Now this is very important, I once met a man who complained that his wife has changed terribly since after their wedding. When asked for details he stated. “She is now growing fatter because she gives little time to her care, she no longer puts on trouser which she use to do because she feels she is now married, she now dresses dull all the time etc” now as much as some of his complains may sound funny and challenge-able, it does hold water. Why stop the things that attracted the man and make him happy because you now have him in marriage, by so doing you give room for the singles to shop. Dr. Harvey states that “in a sexual relationship, most men find it nearly impossible to appreciate a woman for her inner qualities alone-there must be more.” A man needs to always be attracted to his wife.

Admiration:       A man needs his wife to be proud of him and be able to express it. Tell your man how you feel about him; tell him how caring, supportive and wonderful he is. Such things inspire him to achieve and do more in other to make his wife happy.

A relationship with the above needs met is almost impossible to experience adultery.
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