So I have a crazy cousin who never post anything serious on facebook, imagine my shock when I saw this post 24hours after our independence holiday. the truth it holds is mind-blowing.

I don't believe in Nigeria. I don't believe in her leaders, I don't believe in anything they have to say. I don't believe that someone somewhere has the solutions for this country.

I don't believe in superman. I believe in myself. I believe in my 2 hands, not begging for someone somewhere to make things right, but with these 2 hands I will build the country I want to live in. I believe in my friends. I believe in my family. I believe in everyone who not only tries to make the world a better place for themselves, but also for everyone around them. 

I don't believe in independence. I believe in inter-dependence, for no man is an island. I believe in the potential of everyone I see on the streets.
Hope for Nigeria.
I believe in the children in that public school that has no toilets, who asked me "uncle, why don't our leaders care about the masses? Why do we always hear about corruption everyday?" I don't believe in leaders who send their children abroad to school while the nations universities are on strike. I don't believe in leaders who fly abroad for medical treatment when the nations hospitals are in need of better facilities. I do not believe in a cook who does not taste his own food. 

I will believe in the Minister of Education when I see his children attending public schools. I will believe in the Minister of Health when he undergoes heart surgery in General Hospital. I will believe in the Minister for Tourism when he goes to Yobe for vacation and not London or Dubai. Till then, I don't believe in Nigeria. 

I mean the Nigeria of today, I believe in the Nigeria of tomorrow. The Nigeria that we will build. When all these black skinned colonial masters are gone.
 By Nnochiri George. 

I do not believe in a cook who does not taste his own food. That is a great honest line. I also believe in the Nigeria of tomorrow, the one we will build.
Long live Nigeria. 
Happy Independence. 
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