In times past, it was a case of the men being sexually aggressive and the girls trying to protect themselves but today things have changed as men now have to protect themselves from the women, it starts from the constant temptation the women folk unless through the use of endowments which they reckless flaunt, to cases of girls coming on to boys mostly for the sake of money. How things have changed! Today our virgins are even ashamed to admit it and the broken ones are bold to exhibit. The popular saying takes the day “Everybody is doing it” or “is en-vogue  Truly, everyone seems to be having sex but experience over time have proven that the above theory is far from truth as we still have many virtuous women and even virgins.
lets talk about sex

Sex education is one topic that a lot of parents, group and even schools shy away from discussing, especially here in Africa. The truth is a sexually educated youth stands a far better chance of having a better future than the sex ignorant one. Thus the saying “What you don't know won't hurt you” may survive in a world of clichés but in the real world, the court of law would say “Ignorance is no excuse” The truth as I believe it is “What you don't know will hurt you, or probably even kill you” I advise you to keep an open mind as we discuss sex.


According to research, adults don't agree to a definition, in biology sex is defined as the process of combining and mixing genetic traits for the purpose of reproduction. This process also brings about satisfactory feelings and the reason for this is what we call hormones. The man dominate hormone (Testosterone) makes a male aggressive and sexually stimulated by what they see. This is why men are easily aroused by what they see, when men look at girls that walk pass especially if they are attractive or in today's parlance “hot/Sexy” their hormones get at work. 
what is sex?

The female dominate hormone (Oestrogen) makes women desire and are more receptive to attention, kind gesture, affections, compliments, flowers etc.  but in other to get what they want they both get entangled in each other's desires, women giving their bodies for attentions and men giving attention for sex. (The girls ought to be careful because they have more to loss) Sex is a goal that will eventually be attained, but my three standing advices are:

1. Never go into sex to satisfy any partner or individual.
2. Never explore to satisfy your curiosity because it only gets deeper.
3. Don't let peer pressure get the best of you, because in most cases, you are being pressured out of envy for you have what they have lost.

Building your virtues and self-control principles are of utmost importance for an assured future.

The rules on protection if you are in a relationship, that is sexually active are called the “ABC” principle by the world health organisation (WHO)

“A” Which stands for abstinence is the best form of protection and one preached by every positive religion in the world. It is the safest and surest way of protecting yourself from the consequences of sexual involvement for when you abstain, your value grows higher and your respect/honor greatly increased. Think of yourself as a fine wine in a sealed bottle, the older it get, the more sweeter and more valuable it becomes when eventually opened.

“B” stands for “Be Faithful” If you are in a relationship then keep to your one and only partner. This makes you responsible and prepares you for marriage when you will be avowed to one person for better or worse, till death do you part.

“C” is for condom, a word that has become synonymous with sex as it helps. Condoms protect you from unwanted pregnancies and STD's But know that this protection has never been a 100% and could bring complications if not properly used.

Most religion do not support the use of condoms or any other contraceptive. None actually supports pre-marital or extra-marital sex in the first place. So, if you really must have sex, please and please, do use a condom. 
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