Ten Strong Extracts From The Imo State Governor Owelle Rochas Okoroacha's Lecture On Leadership, Good Governance and Human Right.

1. Politicians think about the next election while leaders think about the next generation.
2. The nigerian state have produced more politicians than leaders in the last generations.
3. People should choose their leaders carefully because no nation can be greater than it's leader.
4. An army of Sheeps lead by a single Lion is a 100 times better than an army of Lions lead by a single Sheep.
5. If democracy is to be practised in it's greatness, then none of us have any business in power.

6. I believe there is no true democratic party in Nigeria because they all lack visions, their mandate being to hold and expand power and their flagbearers do nothing but copy and paste in their agenda.
7. Never follow a leader who can not die for the sake of his people.
8. We must as a nation address the issue of our culture and erase the confussion of mixed borrowed cultures dominating our own.
9. The nigerian people need to develop a new spirit.
10. Politcians express sentiments, while leaders express issues.

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