FACT: Only Nigerians can have full conversations with just QUESTIONS. Below is an example:


Dele: My guy, How far?
Emeka: Wetin dey happen?
Dele: Why you jus dey call me now?
Emeka: You buy me credit?
Dele: Dis wan wey you call so, you wan show?
Emeka: Where u dey?
Dele: You sabi Pius place?
Emeka: Make we block there?
Dele: Before nko? Abi u wan make we block for anoda place?
Emeka: You get pay?
Dele: Wetin you wan take money do?
Emeka: We no suppose drink?
Dele: Na me born you?
Emeka: No be u be my chairman?
Dele: Abi craze don log on to u? Na my pay u go dey use maintain?
Emeka: Before nko?
Dele: U serious abi you dey play?
Emeka: Bros, wetin u tink?
Dele: So, u no really hold change eh? And u wan drink? U no dey shame?
Emeka: Bros, which ones na? Na change for beer come dey cause dis kind yarn?
Dele: Before nko?
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