The Trending Nigerian Identity.

This Can Only Happen In Nigeria!=D =)).

1) Check the expiry date of gala
after eating it.
2) Go to church with extension and BB charger (charging in his presence!)
3) Update on BBM "about 2 cross", get hit by a car and still update "dying things".
4) Say an opening prayer at a night club.
5) Go to an eatery and buy bottled water just to watch a soccer match.
6) Go to a supermarket, buy a bottle of coke and spend 30 minutes taking pictures with champagne bottles.
7) Wear sunshades at night.
8) Dress in complete rainbow colors like it's rag day, and call it color blocking.
9) Count money after withdrawing from an ATM (we trust no one, not even machines).
10) Wear head warmers at 45 degrees Celsius.
11) Call a fat Hausa man "Alhaji" and a thin one "Aboki"
12) Travel to China for 2 days and come back with a British accent.!!!!
I must confess, am a regular of item 9, what about you?
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