Decades ago, dating never existed in Africa; in fact centuries back, it never existed in most parts of the world including Europe and America, youths never got into relationships before marriage, a process we today call dating and then courtship. It was quite simpler, our parents made all the wedding arrangements including the choice of who to marry, funny enough, fewer hearts were broken and we had more virgins compared to today. But still, the concept of dating which originated from North America and was popularized by the movie industries have become a common practice as a necessary stage in relationship and a vital step for a successful marriage.

 Dating by my judgment is a good thing as it helps build understanding between couples to determine if they are compatible enough to spend their life-time together; among youths it is encouraged to foster understanding of the opposite sex. It’s like a study phase in life, but like most other things it has been abused.

Today over 90% of youths mistake mating for dating; firstly, dating is not suppose to be an opportunity to lose your virginity because as youths and young adults you are bound to miss-use the experience, our sex drive is a natural feeling that is very difficult to control once it has been aroused, but always remember we are humans not animals. The sex drive can become powerful once you have experienced sex as your hunger for it increases, making it much harder to fight sexual urges which can lead to regrettable consequences. Youths need to be careful with the issue of dating, you need to know when and how to relate with people of the opposite sex. To begin with, the age at which dating is permitted is of utmost importance as your surroundings, actions and knowledge of today makes your tomorrow. The age range below will enable you understand better…

AGE 12-15     to be completely realistic, dating should not be permitted at this age as one is still too young and naïve; incapable of any control and open to manipulations.

AGE 16-18     at this stage the mind is inquisitive and eager to explore, little association can be made but no direct dating (probably group casual relationships) this gradual build up should also be with youths of the same age as older youths may tend to corrupt.

AGE 19-ABOVE       the youth is now considered an adult and prepared to explore, one can start dating but with strong caution, remember, you are dating not mating.

In conclusion, dating itself is not bad, in fact it’s quite encouraged but only positive relationships, one thing every youths should learn is to protect their hearts and future.
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