DOGS are probably the tamest animal used by man as they are called “man’s best friend” dogs can be trained to help in many tasks such as hunting, herding farm animals, keeping guard, guiding blind people, and sleds or small carts.  But many dogs are kept simply as pets.

Afghan Dog
this can pass for a horse, my God dats hairy

this can pass for a house decoration

Airedale Terrier
At first sight, i thought this was a stuff doll but is as real as can be

Airdale Dog
A larger size looking more real



Basset Hound Dog
Orwww! Looking so innocent

Basset Hound Dog
There are different breeds and species of dogs and I would give brief detail for all my dog lovers
Bull Terrier

Pedigree dogs - those whose parents were both of the same breed are divided into various groups according to their characteristics. Dogs that help men hunt in various ways are classed as sporting dogs. This group is itself divided into terriers, hounds and gundogs. Terriers were originally bred to hunt vermin, such as rats, that live in the ground. They dug out prey. They are quite small and lively dogs. Various breed have long or short hair and varied colorings.

Most hounds are larger than terriers. The Irish wolfhound is the biggest of all dogs, standing three feet high at the shoulder and reaching a length of five feet excluding the tail. Hounds are the true hunting dogs; they follow their prey using either sight or smell. Bloodhounds, the basset hounds, beagles and foxhounds hunt by scent. Greyhounds, Afghan hounds and whippets are among those hunting by the sight.
The Bloodhound
now this ia one breed, you don't want to mess with


Boxer Dog

Boxer Dog
you don't want to find yourself with thee guys

Bull Terrier

Bull Terrier
don't be decieved by the look of innocence, this guy is very mean

one of the smallest breeds in the world

This dog is so small, it can sit on your hands

The third groups of sporting dogs are the gundogs, such as spaniels, setters, retrievers and pointers. They are trained to accompany sportsmen who shoot game birds. They help in locating the game, and bring the shoot bird back to their masters.

Other dogs that work for man are termed working dogs; and they include various breed of Sheepdogs; the huskies and Samoyeds, which pull sleds; the Saint Bernard, famous for its rescue work in mountain regions; and such guard dogs as the Alsatian, or German shepherd.

We also have the very many different breed of non-sporting dogs that are kept as pets, such as the Toy dogs, which are the smallest breeds, the Chihuahua which is small enough to sit on a person’s hand.

All domestic dogs irrespective of their variety all belong to the same species and are closely related to various wild species that make up the dog family. All members of the dogs family are carnivores (flesh-eaters).

 Hope you were enjoying the pictures of different breed well, here is more for you to select more choices from; and pick which you will have for yourself.
The Chow Breed
Every girl dream dog, am sure you can see why.


The Cocker spaniel
This dog looks really good

The Cocker Spaniel
Guys if you were a dog won't you ask this cute babe out on a date?

The Collie

The Collie

The Dachshund
this breed is very very much on a long tin
The Dalmatian
the minute i saw this, i remembered the 101

Dobermann Pinscher
A friend of mine has one of this, the dude is taller than my fence

one thing they are known for, is their short tail or sometime no tail at all

The English Bull Dog
Believe me, you don't want to cross path ith this dude

Bull Dog
No comment

The English Springer Spaniel

English Springer Spaniel

Fox Terrier

German Shephard

German Shephard
Golden Labrador Retriver
this is the perfect go get this/that dog

Golden Labrador Retriver
probably one of the smartest dogs breed in the planet,this one is bringing home a lost dog

Great Dane Dog
one tall dude this is

Great Dane Dog

The Greyhound
Look again, is not a lion but a dog


Irish (Red) Setter

Irish (Red) Setter

Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolf hound

Kerry Blue Terrier
yeah! this dog is really alive and not a dull

Kerry Blue Terrier

Newfoundland dog

New foundland dog
These can pass for a bear, anyday

Old English Sheepdog

Pekingese dog

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

The pionter

Pomeranian Dog

Pomeranian Dog
thi is the one am getting for my.......

Saint Bernard

Sheep Dog

Toy Poodle

Toy Poodle

Welsh Corgi

Hope you enjoyed the pixs, watch out for more as I will bring you details on how to care for your dogs in Nigeria (Africa) 

please please please leave  comment, telling me which is your personnal favorite.
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