A Chance to look just like the Kardashians

For friends that can't get enough of the Kardashians? here is a chance to look just like them, only to going to have to spend a few hundreds or even thousands.

The reality stars are auctioning off some of their finest threads on eBay. Items include dresses, coats, shoes, purses, bustiers, you name it. Bidding appears to be brisk. Many of the 84 items for sale have over 40 bids.

The most expensive item for sale doesn't belong to queen bee Kim. Kourtney's diamond watch is going for over $4,000 as of Friday afternoon. But, hey, it comes with free shipping. The least expensive item is a pair of black suede ankle booties from Kim. Currently $160.50 and climbing. Expect those numbers to climb higher as the Monday closing time gets nearer.

Now I know this may sound crazy but I have some that would sell their cars to get that watch, well 9ja am on a look out for any nigerian that gets a hold of their items.
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