70-Year-Old Virgin Is Ready To Find Love

When I first saw this headline, I thought to myself “this must be a devote Christian” but got a shocker when found out that she was a cabaret dancer. Miss Pam Shaw at 70 says she is now ready to find love. Pam Shaw has waited 70-years to find the right man but it just hasn’t happened. Now the 70-year-old virgin is stepping up her efforts in order to find the right suitor.
Shaw has kept a high standard and is still not ready to lower it, in her own words she said “Now’s the time. I’m ready to take the plunge for the right bloke. My standards are still very high, though. I’m hoping to bag a tall, dark and handsome millionaire.”
Shaw said that she didn’t want to have sex before marriage and she has always been too focused on her career as a cabaret dancer to find a suitable husband. But despite her risqué career, Shaw insists that she isn’t easy. She said “Men saw the outfits I wore on stage and thought I would be easy. But I’ve never really been intimate with a man, just a bit of kissing. I had a sexy stage name and dressed sexy but that was all for my career.”
But now at 70-years-old, she’s ready to lose her virginity. Of course, the suitor will have to put a ring on that finger first. “I feel I am ready to give marriage a go and maybe go to bed with a man. You are never too old for anything. Just look at Joan Collins.”
The 70-year-old virgin said that she was almost married once but broke off the engagement before she walked down the aisle. “In 1976 I was proposed to by an oil rig worker in Blackpool; I said yes but later broke it off when I realized I didn’t fancy him.

Today most people lost their virginity at the ages between of 16 and 21, Yahoo reports that “The average person average person loses his or her virginity at 17.3-years old.”
I just wonder where she going to find that tall, dark and handsome millionaire, but if you are him and you are reading this, Miss Shaw is waiting to be you your Mrs.…………….

origin @ http://www.inquisitr.com/234357/70-year-old-virgin-pam-shaw-is-ready-to-find-love/#gqDEK0FIe4K9uYLg.99
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  1. Virginity is only a term ,if use in the context of having no sexual relationships and behaviours, it becomes a state of life ,when the human conscience is alert----OKOYE NWAKAEGO CLEMENTINA


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