Need or Want

You need to communicate………..       I want to do it with a phone…………..
So you need a phone????????             I want it to be an iphone……………       
I see, that means you need an iphone then?????
Yeah! And I want so much for it to be an iphone.
You need specifically an iphone?
More specifically an iphone 7
Ok! So what you need to communicate is a iphone 7
I really want it to be a white colored one…………

That’s the problem we encounter when we don’t know how to separate our needs from our wants.

A fisherman who enjoys fishing at a nearby river in his village, where he lives with his wife and two lovely kids, he fishes just enough to sustain his family and he was contempt.
One day a business man comes visiting from the city and after admiring the fisherman’s skills, he approached him asking “what are you doing in this lonely village wasting such skills?” the fisherman answered, “I am relaxing” “why not move to the city where you can fish larger waters, and catch greater fish?” “Why?” the fisherman asked, “you can make money from selling them” “then what?” he asked again, “then you can start up your own fishing industry” “then what?” “Then you can build an empire and have people working for you” “then what?” again he asked, “then when you are old and the empire strong, you can come back to this village and relax.”
The Fisherman looked at the visitor puzzled, “isn’t that where we started?”

Most times in life we let our desires drive us too far away from what we really need in life, we must learn to differentiate this two and always remember, our needs is all that is important. 
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